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This to know about sunroom in patio

A sunroom is a great way to extend the functionality of your home, especially in warmer climates. Not only can they provide a space to relax in the evening, but they can also create a connection between your home and its backyard. When adding a sunroom to your home, there are many things to consider, so read more to discover the pros and cons.


The screened-in patio is an excellent addition to all home designs regarding durability, space, and style. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that solar panels are the most significant thing in energy conservation. Besides that, they also have an excellent aesthetic value.


The screened in patio in Richmond Hill, GA is an excellent place to hang out with family and friends and create beautiful accents. If your home is located on a solid slab foundation, then your patio needs to be built onto this foundation at least four feet deep. This way, you won’t be concerned about loose flooring if the slab begins to settle or moves during an earthquake.


Suppose your home is located on a raised foundation and a crawlspace covering (which some are). In that case, you can install your solar panel array above the crawlspace opening and never worry about settling or shifting around dramatically during an earthquake. You need to take into consideration what grade of concrete you might have underneath it as well. A better option would be a concrete block or stone for this purpose and ensure that the existing structure doesn’t contain any horizontal framing members standing more than 18 inches above grade level.


Solar panels are typically mounted on your home’s roof, but in some cases, they are placed on a patio or a balcony. A patio can be covered with a deck and treated with pool covers to prevent sunlight from reaching and acting on the solar panel array. If you don’t want to protect your patio or balcony with a deck, you can go for a sunroom design built over the rear of your home, or above and out from behind the rear porch.


One thing that lots of people leave out when considering solar energy is their system costs. So many things have changed in this industry so much so that it doesn’t come cheap today like it used to. To make an informed decision, you need to consider everything that comes along with solar panels. You should include all installation, electrical, companies, maintenance, and upkeep costs.