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Electric water pumps: the advantages

Electric water pumps are used to move water. In fact, for example, they are particularly used to extract water from wells , to be used also in various sectors such as agriculture. The fields of application are in fact very vast, because an electric hydraulic pump can be used in many contexts, such as industrial ones for example. Then there are smaller devices, which can also be used in the home. These pumps work through a mechanism that is powered by electricity and in this way they manage to ensure that the water is moved from one point to another. Let’s try to find out more about the types of electric hydraulic pumps and discover the advantages they can determine

Types of electric water pumps

It is very important to choose quality electric hydraulic pumps, such as those made available. Thus it is possible to choose the types that may be of interest to you according to your needs.

In fact we have different types of pumps on the market , which differ on the basis of some fundamental characteristics. For example, taking into account the direction of the flow, we can distinguish between centrifugal and axial pumps, based on the prevalence of low or high flow rates.

The types of electric hydraulic pumps can also be distinguished according to the axis , which can be horizontal, vertical or inclined. The types of pumps are also distinguished according to the pump body, which can be on the surface or submerged.

Another difference can be made by taking into account the number of impellers. In this sense, pumps are differentiated into single-celled, which are those that have only one blade, and multi-celled. Another difference is dictated by the material, which can be metallic or thermoplastic.

Generally speaking, we can distinguish monoblock pumps from magnetic drive pumps. The former have the body and impeller machined from solid, while the latter are characterized by the fact that the power dictated by the engine is transmitted without contact , through a magnetic joint. The latter are more useful to use when dealing with corrosive liquids.

What are the advantages of electric water pumps

Electric water pumps are very useful in different contexts. For example , think when in the agricultural sector it is essential to be able to move large quantities of water to be used for irrigating the fields .

In this case the help of hydraulic pumps is really essential. In any case, there are many sectors in which one can benefit from the advantages given by a pump of this type. In fact, the chemical, petroleum or metalworking industries also make great use of it.