animation in marketing

Benefits of animation in marketing

Animation can be a valuable tool for your marketing in numerous ways. Here, we list the top benefits of animation in marketing for extensive branding, messaging, and storytelling.


Animated explainer videos are a powerful way to convey an idea or value proposition to potential new customers who may need help deciphering difficult-to-understand information or concepts. They provide both branding and messaging power with their visually appealing style. This is particularly effective when combined with textual content such as text descriptions, subtitles, and voiceovers that allow the user to take in multiple levels of meaning simultaneously.


Animated explainer videos allow users to envision themselves using your product or service in their daily lives. They make your product more relatable, showing real people utilizing the item in everyday situations rather than staged or fictional scenarios. This is a unique benefit for those creating videos for less-familiar products or ones with niche audiences.


The ability to visually and verbally demonstrate how your product works is an integral component of a compelling explainer video. This allows users to understand all your features quickly and helps them visualize themselves using the product or service. This visual demonstration of the product can further boost its marketing power by giving users more of a personal connection.


Animated explainer videos help provide a behind-the-scenes look into your company and background information about your brand, including its history and founders. They can provide additional value beyond just communicating about the product or service by helping viewers envision what life would be like when using or working for your company. These videos are commonly used to showcase corporate branding, convey employee culture, and communicate mission and values.


The more emotions a potential customer can connect with, the more likely they will buy your product or service. Animations can effectively evoke those feelings of intimacy and trust because they allow you to present genuine, human emotion within a product or service that can seem cold or clinical in text-only form.


Animated explainer videos use visual storytelling techniques that play an integral role in drawing viewers in and keeping their attention. Optical storytelling techniques can enrich your messages by providing details on the characters and setting you to describe. This helps viewers develop a more personal connection to what you’re saying, making them more sympathetic toward your ideas and more likely to convert into buyers and brand ambassadors.


Humor is an effective way to connect with viewers on a personal level by acknowledging common human experiences. While it can be challenging to do effectively, humor can be a valuable tool when used correctly. An animated explainer video allows you to include jokes and other lighthearted moments within the content without distracting or breaking the flow of the message.