wooden fire place

Important Features to Check in a Wood Fireplace

There is nothing much cozier than to sit around the fire on a winder day? With the outdoor fireplace and fire pit, one can easily create the living space in the backyard, which feels very warm and welcoming. It is a DIY kind of project, which is very simple to handle, thus it is the best project for the homeowners who want to give their backyard an instant upgrade. Let us check out more about wood fireplace outdoor and information that you want for the speedy and successful installation.

Features to Look in the Wood Fireplace

Over the spectrum of wood fireplace, you will come across a wide range of the features available, and you need to be very careful when finding the right options available for your requirements. For your help, we have listed a few common features with the complete explanation on how they will improve your fireplace experience.

wooden fire place


Wood flames give the best heat output of fireplace type; however that does not mean efficiency does not have to be considered. Most of the modern fireplaces provide features that will improve the heating efficiency and reduce the fuel costs as well as increase the comfort. Certain things to check out are the fireboxes with refractory lining that will project heat in your room, the blower systems that distribute air and vents to bring in fresh air and promote clean burn.

Ash Pans

Whereas wood-burning fireplaces provide strengths over electric and gas units, another downside is they create ash that will make clean-up one big pain. Many fireplace units feature the pan below its firebox that collects ash when it burns. Cleaning this up is as easy as lifting out ash pan & dumping it, thus saves your energy and time.

Final Words

Many modern wood-burning fireplaces are energy-efficient compared to the standard fireplaces. There are EPA-certified wood fireplaces for combustion & circulate indoor air over the firebox and emit heat.